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Prebid Mobile

Prebid for iOS and Android Applications

Open source and lightweight SDKs to move beyond the waterfall

Increase Demand

Prebid improves yield for mobile app developers in the same way it does for web publishers.


Prebid Mobile works with Prebid Server, so there’s no need to make app updates for Prebid configuration or bidder changes.

Light-Weight SDK

Prebid Mobile’s iOS and Android SDKs are easy to integrate and small in size, so setup is a breeze.

Prebid Mobile

Open-source library that provides an end-to-end header bidding solution for mobile app publishers.

Other Products

Prebid.js – the leading web based header bidding solution used by publishers worldwide.

Prebid Server – open-source solution for server-to-server header bidding with Prebid.js and Prebid Mobile.

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