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The First Step in Building a More User-Centric Internet

Where publishers control user privacy and their own data

Community Owned

SharedID, is managed by’s Publisher members. A free identity solution owned by the community rather than a vendor, delivers the trust and transparency required for widespread adoption across publishers and DSPs.

1st and 3rd Party

Publishers can write the SharedID common identifier as either a first-party or third-party value. SharedID includes Publisher Common ID, a widely used first-party identifier that stores a unique user ID, where the publisher can make the decision to either make this accessible to bidders, or use the user ID as a building block for publisher controlled first party self-declared data without the use of an identifier.

Preparing For A
Cookieless Internet

With SharedID, cookie syncing becomes unnecessary as every party in the ecosystem will utilize the same shared identifier. The industry will finally be freed from the reliance on hundreds of cookies, greatly reducing the overall identifier footprint.

The Start of Something Cool

SharedID gives the advertising industry a place for independent ad tech and publishers to test, iterate and share proposals to fix the issues our industry currently faces. By creating a foundational layer of what we have today, and what we could use tomorrow, is currently working on further proposals that align with our organizations main goals of keeping publishers in control of their data, protecting user privacy and rebuilding a better internet.


Replace your proprietary value and use SharedID for sandboxing.

Other Products

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Prebid Mobile – open-source library that provides an end-to-end header bidding solution for mobile app publishers.

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