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Project Management

Project Management Committees are responsible for establishing and prioritizing roadmap items, reviewing open issues and pull requests, discussing policies, creating development plans, and managing GitHub repositories.


Scope: Prebid.js and related repositories
Description: Browser-based header bidding
Chair: Patrick McCann (CafeMedia)
Audience: Product and Engineers

GitHub Repositories:

Prebid Server

Scope: Prebid Server and Prebid Cache
Description: Server-side header bidding
Chair: Bret Gorsline (Magnite)
Vice Chair: Scott Kay (Xandr)
Audience: Product and Engineers

GitHub Repositories:

Prebid Tools

Scope: Misc. Tools
Description: Debugging and Operational Support
Chair: Allan Hirata (Criteo)
Audience: Product, Business, and Engineers

GitHub Repositories:


Scope: User Identification
Description: Chart Prebid’s role in the future of identity on the web and coordinate any implementation efforts
Chair: Jeff Wieland (Magnite)
Audience: Product, Business, and Engineers

GitHub Repositories:

Video Taskforce

Scope: Video
Description: Define the needs for video header bidding
Chair: Mike Chowla (Pubmatic)
Vice Chair: Karim Mourra (JW Player)
Audience: Product, Business, and Engineers

Taxonomy Taskforce

Scope: Standardized signaling and naming conventions
Description: Implementing standardized signaling and naming conventions for things such as log files, transparency audits, content categories, and audience segments
Chair: Steve Francolla (Permutive)
Audience: Product, Business, Engineers

CTV-OTT Taskforce

Scope: Connected Television and Over-the-Top video
Description: Features and requirements for long-form video content
Chair: Alex Krassel (Xandr)
Audience: Product, Engineers

Marketing Taskforce

Scope: events and marketing
Description: Coordinates Prebid events and press releases
Chair: Charlstie Veith (Magnite)
Audience: Marketing, Business

Publisher Taskforce

Scope: Publisher-related topics
Description: Header bidding issues, optimization, strategy, best practices
Chair: Jeff Burkett (Gannett)
Audience: Business

Addressability Framework PMC

Scope: Addressability Framework
Description: Work on an open source solution for responsible use of addressable identifiers
Chair: Todd Parsons (Criteo)
Audience: Publishers, Tech

Website PMC

Scope: websites
Description: Review community documentation requests, maintain the websites, and work with other committees on new and improved documentation.
Chair: Steve Suranie (Kargo)
Vice Chair: Bret Gorsline (Magnite)
Audience: Product, Business, and Engineers

GitHub Repositories:

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