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Join your industry peers in helping build and shape the ad tech ecosystem.

Why Join?

Network with other members of

Support the community by helping fund Prebid services and events.

Demonstrate thought leadership in the ad tech space.

Promote Prebid projects for faster market adoption.

Help define the technologies that shape the industry by participating in our Slack workspace and joining the Product Management Committees. Members


Membership Levels and Pricing

Leader MembersTechnology MembersPublishersBuyers (Agencies/Brands)Community
Board SeatMembers elect a representativeMembers elect a representativeMembers elect a representative
PMC Participation
Private Slack Instance
Participate in Events Email Address
Logo on Website
Annual Fees$50,000$30,000$6,000$6,000Free

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Join your ad tech industry peers and bring oversight, guidance and development capabilities to solve the industry’s common technical hurdles.  Fill out the membership application or email any questions to

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