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Prebid 6.0 Release

It is our pleasure to announce the upcoming release of Prebid 6.0.  Prebid 6.0 is an exciting release for Prebid.js — it will remove IE11 browser test requirements from the project allowing the use of the latest and greatest technologies.  The expected release date of 6.0 is October 27th, 2021.

This release is important because it makes many modern javascript techniques available to Prebid.js that cannot be used due to the IE11 compatibility requirement.  This will allow engineers to utilize techniques (e.g. ‘promises’) that significantly improve page performance and will usher in a new era of optimizing Prebid.js for speed and weight.

As we will be removing IE11 from our testing suite and transpilation target, it means that the functionality of 6.x+ cannot be guaranteed on IE11.  Our official recommendation is that publishers should detect IE11 browsers and deliver an older version of prebid (e.g. 5.x) or anything prior.   We expect to have initial documentation for this published this week, with iterations possible and probable.

This issue for 6.0 has been open for discussion on github for some time with nothing but endorsement — but as always, please feel free to comment with any questions or concerns.

Gareth Glaser

Chair, Prebid.JS


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