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Managed Prebid Solutions

Several members will configure and host your Prebid implementations, helping publishers install Prebid.js, Prebid Mobile, and/or Prebid Server.

If you’re a company providing Managed Prebid Solutions, join to get on this list.

Adapex was one of the first companies to dig into digital advertising operations and partner with publishers to simplify and optimize monetization. The Adapex award-winning m4 Tech Suite™ monetizes content across all channels and ad formats — desktop, mobile, CTV, in-app, video, native, rich media, and more. 

Merlin™, our custom Prebid wrapper is easy to implement, yet ultra-sophisticated in terms of optimizations and performance. The combination of our revolutionary tech and our team of experienced adops professionals has led to 40-500% revenue growth for our publisher partners. 

Our publishers trust us to maximize their monetization on over 30 billion monthly impressions.  Contact us or email us at to learn more.


Sortable is an Ad Ops partner with a focus on helping publishers monetize their sites through our tech stack, reporting and analytics, and a team of experts. Sortable provides support for optimizing Prebid configuration such as bidder setup and management, along with a range of tools to increase viewability, integrated CMP support, and more.

Sortable’s success with hundreds of publishers has allowed us to scale our network to the point where we now reach over 300 million unique visitors every day, while processing hundreds of billions of unique visitor data points on a monthly basis. For more information, contact Sortable at or visit

Playwire offers simple, scalable revenue solutions for content creators for web, app, and OTT via exclusive RAMP technology and Revenue Intelligence. Our easy-to-use monetization platform makes digital content profitable for publishers and creators. Through our complete monetization platform, RAMP, publishers never have to worry again. Playwire’s turnkey solution has the entire ad ecosystem covered! We are your one partner to be your all-in-one solution. From Supply, Creative, Display, Data, Social Extension, OOH, and Experiential. Playwire demands more for you. Visit for more information. Contact Us

FLUX, a leading advertising service provider in APAC, offers AutoStream, a transparent one-stop platform for publishers to boost their performance and yield more revenue without getting overwhelmed by all the technologies behind it. Inside the package of AutoStream, we provide a fully-managed Prebid service include a header-bidding wrapper, a server-side solution for AMP pages and Apps, a powerful dashboard that helps publishers gather all reporting automatically, and an analytics tool build on cutting-edge big-data algorithms to gain insights for future optimizations. All of the services are tuned to the best performance by our experts and our class-leading support team is always ready to help. Contact for more information.

The Admixer Header Bidding wrapper is a fully managed solution for client-side Prebid integrations. Admixer helps publishers to maximize yield by setting up, launching, and optimizing demand sources. The publishers will be able to trade both with Prebid-compatible DSPs and DSPs connected to the Admixer ecosystem via RTB. 

The Admixer Header Bidding wrapper has a user-friendly interface with detailed statistics on bids and competition and is integrated with Admixer ID, an identity solution that will help publishers save their ad revenue after the phase-out of 3rd-party cookies. For more information, visit our website


Freestar provides advertising technology and programmatic monetization as a managed service for digital media publishers. Leveraging the ideal mix of programmatic header bidding, private marketplace deals, and a unified analytics platform, Freestar’s team of monetization experts help publishers, apps, & e-Commerce sites unleash their true revenue potential. Freestar has established a reputation as the go-to partner for the biggest and best publishers on the internet. Email us to connect today!

Magnite’s Prebid-as-a-service solution makes it easy for large publishers to deploy and control custom header bidding implementations without writing code. The combination of an intuitive UI and on-demand support from our Prebid and yield management experts enables publishers to make faster decisions and potentially capture more revenue. This solution supports display and video ads across desktop and mobile app environments via Prebid.js, Prebid Mobile and Prebid Server. Contact for more information.

OpenWrap provides a transparent enterprise wrapper solution for Prebid.js and Prebid Server. Manage demand partners and push updates via a cloud-based UI without development resources or code changes. Access powerful reporting and analytics tools for data driven business decisions and dedicated account optimization and technical support teams.

PubWise is the only Prebid.js management service offering Smart Path Optimization Technology (SPOT™) which uses AI to deliver an optimized ad configuration matched to user segments, with tailored demand inclusion that increases net revenue while improving latency. PubWise provides a turnkey platform to deploy, manage, monitor and optimize Prebid.js. PubWise is committed to protecting publisher value and data with clear auction dynamics, no arbitrage and transparent fees. Contact us for a live demonstration or try PubWise Analytics at no cost.

Xandr offers a full managed Prebid solution including implementation and maintenance, as well as consulting support for publishers with their own tech resources. Xandr works with users to enable client and/or server-side header bidding across web, AMP, and mobile app channels, and support display, video, and native ad formats. Contact Xandr for more information, and to get a quote!

Browsi, a tech provider solely focused on creating premium ad inventory for publishers, offers a fully managed Prebid solution service focused on personalization and speed, along with other AI-based solutions for inventory such as user viewability predictions, predictive lazy loading and more. Browsi makes it easy to integrate and to make any changes, and offers an intuitive unified analytics and monitoring solution. For more information contact us at Managed Prebid solution gives flexibility to the publishers to manage complex header bidding integrations without compromising on revenue.’s easy to use Configuration management system makes real-time changes to the publisher’s page configurations without the need of any code changes. Our robust reporting and dashboard tools help publishers gain insights into their demand stack and make further optimizations. Additionally Marketplace brings together all formats of demand, including unique access to billions in search budgets, along with robust contextual data to induce more competition, overcome challenges with cookie-deficient environments and maximize revenues. This solution supports display and native ads across desktop and mobile web environments via Prebid.js and Server to Server. Contact for more information.

Triple13 offers a range of hosted advertising solutions with Prebid at its core. If you are looking to boost your programmatic revenue across Web, APP or AMP we have the tools for the job. Featuring an intuitive UI, live performance analytics, viewability booster and display/video/native ad-formats. Should you wish to only access our hosted Prebid Server or require a complete tailored package then, contact us for a demo and consultation.

The Relevant Yield HB Manager offers a streamlined management tool for your client-side & server-side Prebid integrations via a graphical interface. Features: enable adapters, A/B testing, activate server-side calls, build floor-price rules based on anything that is rendered on your website/app.

HB Manager includes HB Analytics, giving you real-time reporting & alarms. You can see the effects of changes to adapters, floor-price & other settings through the HB Manager GUI in real time via bespoke user-specific dashboards. Build your own customized reporting or alarms dimensions on information such as; browsers, screen sizes, consent users and use it to set floor-prices; keeping your Prebid setup perfectly monitored at all times.

The Relevant Yield HB Manager is a completely SSP/Ad server neutral solution that supports: Prebid.js, Prebid server, Prebid Mobile, Prebid Video, Prebid SharedID

Contact for more information or visit

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