Managed Prebid Solutions

Several members will configure and host your Prebid implementations, helping publishers install Prebid.js, Prebid SDK, and/or Prebid Server.

Leader, Tech, and Publisher Prebid Members

AppNexus, a Xandr company, offers a full managed Prebid solution including implementation and maintenance, as well as consulting support for publishers with their own tech resources. AppNexus works with users to enable client and/or server-side header bidding across web, AMP, and mobile app channels, and support display, video, and native ad formats. Contact AppNexus for more information, and to get a quote!
OpenWrap provides a transparent enterprise wrapper solution for Prebid.js and Prebid Server. Manage demand partners and push updates via a cloud-based UI without development resources or code changes. Access powerful reporting and analytics tools for data driven business decisions and dedicated account optimization and technical support teams.
PubWise is the only Prebid.js management service offering Smart Path Optimization Technology (SPOT™) which uses AI to deliver an optimized ad configuration matched to user segments, with tailored demand inclusion that increases net revenue while improving latency. PubWise provides a turnkey platform to deploy, manage, monitor and optimize Prebid.js. PubWise is committed to protecting publisher value and data with clear auction dynamics, no arbitrage and transparent fees. Contact us for a live demonstration or try PubWise Analytics at no cost.
Rubicon Project's Prebid-as-a-service solution makes it easy for large publishers to deploy and control custom header bidding implementations without writing code. The combination of an intuitive UI and on-demand support from our Prebid and yield management experts enables publishers to make faster decisions and potentially capture more revenue. This solution supports display and video ads across desktop and mobile app environments via Prebid.js, Prebid SDK and Prebid Server. Contact for more information.

Community Prebid Members

Browsi, a tech provider solely focused on creating premium ad inventory for publishers, offers a fully managed Prebid solution service focused on personalization and speed, along with other AI-based solutions for inventory such as user viewability predictions, predictive lazy loading and more. Browsi makes it easy to integrate and to make any changes, and offers an intuitive unified analytics and monitoring solution. For more information contact us at Managed Prebid solution gives flexibility to the publishers to manage complex header bidding integrations without compromising on revenue.'s easy to use Configuration management system makes real-time changes to the publisher's page configurations without the need of any code changes. Our robust reporting and dashboard tools help publishers gain insights into their demand stack and make further optimizations. Additionally Marketplace brings together all formats of demand, including unique access to billions in search budgets, along with robust contextual data to induce more competition, overcome challenges with cookie-deficient environments and maximize revenues. This solution supports display and native ads across desktop and mobile web environments via Prebid.js and Server to Server. Contact for more information.

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