Prebid Server Overview

Prebid Server is an open-source solution for server-to-server header bidding with Prebid.js and Prebid Mobile. By running your header bidding auction server-side you can improve your page’s load time, thereby improving performance.

Hosted Solution

Your simplest route to working with Prebid Server is to sign up for a hosted solution. Several members host up-to-date server software with a global footprint, and provide tools to manage stored requests.

On Your Own

If you decide to implement your own Prebid Server solution, you can download the source code from GitHub. The GitHub site has full instructions for configuring, deploying, and testing your implementation.

Bidders provides a full list of Prebid Server bidders, including various details about parameters and open issues.

You can also find additional information for some of the Prebid Server bidders that will help you with your implementation.


Full documentation is available for all Prebid Server endpoints:

Additional Developer Information

  • Add a New Analytics Module
    Description, including and example, of how to add an analytics module to Prebid Server.

  • Add a New Bidder
    Learn how to define and test a new bidder, then add the bidder to theExchange.

  • Cookie Syncs
    Describes the mechanics of a Prebid Server cookie sync.

  • GDPR
    Explore the way in which Prebid Server supports GDPR regulations.

  • Stored Request
    Learn about the Prebid Server Stored Requests feature.