Additional Bidder Information

Some Prebid Server bidders require additional information for integration. For basic information and an up-to-date list of all Prebid Server bidders, see Prebid Server Bidders.


Using Keywords

The keywords bidder param will only work if it’s enabled for your Account with AppNexus.

This permission is distinct from the keywords feature used by Prebid.js.

If you want to enable AppNexus keywords, contact your account manager.

Audience Network

Mobile Bids

Audience Network will not bid on requests made from device simulators. When testing for Mobile bids, you must make bid requests using a real device.


To use the beachfront bidder you will need an appId from an exchange account on For further information, please contact


Contact your Rubicon Project account manager to get set up with a login and cookie-sync URL to run your own Prebid Server.

You will be given instructions, including the available endpoints.


Sovrn supports two parameters to be present in the ext object of impressions sent to it:

  • tagid: A string containing the sovrn-specific id(s) for the publisher’s ad tag(s) they would like to bid with. This is a required field.

  • bidfloor: The minimum acceptable bid, in CPM, using US Dollars. This is an optional field.