Adding a New Analytics Module

This document describes how to add a new Analytics module to Prebid Server.

1. Define config params

Analytics modules are enabled through the Configuration. You’ll need to define any properties in config/config.go which are required for your module.

2. Implement your module

Your new module belongs in the analytics/{moduleName} package. It should implement the PBSAnalyticsModule interface from analytics/core.go

3. Connect your Config to the Implementation

The NewPBSAnalytics function inside analytics/config/config.go instantiates Analytics modules using the app config. You’ll need to update this to recognize your new module.


The filesystem module is provided as an example. This module will log dummy messages to a file.

It can be configured with:

    filename: "path/to/file.log

Prebid Server will then write sample log messages to the file you provided.