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Prebid.js FAQ

This page has answers to some frequently asked questions about Prebid. If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, there are other ways to get help.

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To join Prebid, please visit our Membership page to read more about the benefits of membership and to see the various membership categories, tiers and pricing. Please also review Prebid’s code of conduct, which all members are expected to follow. Once you have made the decision to join, please complete and sign an online application form here. On the form, you will need to indicate the membership category and revenue tier to which you are applying. Revenue numbers are self-reported, and based on your company’s total annual global revenue. If you are applying to the Fellowship tier, please complete an application here.

No, use of Prebid products downloaded from an open source repository is free. If you want help running Prebid, a number of members offer managed services for a fee.

If you want to become a member of, fees vary by membership category and revenue tier. You can see the full pricing details here. For revenue, we rely on applicants to use the honor system when self-reporting their company’s total annual global revenue. Any company found to be reporting false numbers will have the option of re-joining at the correct revenue tier, or having their membership revoked.

Header bidding is a response to the “waterfall” method, a fragmented and highly inefficient process for implementing programmatic advertising. Instead of offering impressions to one partner at a time, header bidding lets all partners bid simultaneously. With header bidding, publishers can also receive bids that may be unavailable through their primary ad server.

See for more background.

Prebid.js launched in 2015 to make header bidding easy for publishers by bringing conformity and simplicity to the header bidding process. By creating a simple, open tech layer upon which companies could add their code to a standard but optimized foundation, Prebid.js made it easier to implement header bidding, and offered the largest repository of working adapters.

The Technology and Publisher PMC’s each get one voted board representative on a yearly basis. The rest of the board is made up of leader tier companies, and a representative from each company.

Our docs site has very detailed information about configuring Prebid.

The Grant Program was launched in 2020. Each year, the board will set aside funds for community-driven projects that improve Prebid.

The Grant Program aims to fund projects that can demonstrably:

:: Increase adoption of Prebid products
:: Add new capabilities to Prebid
:: Grow membership

Here are some example projects:

:: A Prebid event or marketing campaign
:: Resources for training and troubleshooting
:: A new Prebid feature
:: Prebid “swag”

And here are some criteria that will make your application more likely to succeed:

:: A dedicated Project Manager (ideally the person writing the application)
:: Benefits that accrue to the Prebid community as a whole
:: A plan with clear and measurable KPIs

If approved, a Grant is NOT a direct transfer of funds to the applicant. Instead, it represents a budget against which you can expense items related to your project.

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