Konduit Accelerate Module

​ The Konduit Accelerate module applies the Konduit video acceleration optimization to a publisher’s existing Prebid setup. This optimization provides publishers with tools to monetize previously lost revenue and drive higher fill rates on their video inventory. ​ To install the module, follow these instructions:

Step 1: Prepare the base Prebid file

​ Build your Prebid.js package in one of two ways: ​

  • Receive an email package from the Prebid Download page. ​
  • From the command line, run
    gulp build --modules=konduitWrapper,... ​ ​

    Step 2: Implement module code on page

  • Add konduitId as config using setConfig prebid method (pbjs.setConfig({ konduit: { konduitId: your_konduit_id } })) ​
  • Insert the Konduit module code in the source code of your page.
    The module exposes the pbjs.adServers.konduit.processBids function.

  • Provide input parameters to the function (all parameters are shown in the table below). ​

| Param | Type | Description | Default | |—+—+—+—+—| | bid | object | prebid object with VAST url that should be cached | if the bid parameter is not passed then first winning bid will be used | | adUnitCode | string | adUnitCode where a winner bid can be found | - | | timeout | number | max time to wait for Konduit response with cache key and kCpm data | 1000 | | callback | function | callback function is called once Konduit caches data for the bid. Arguments of this function are - error and bids (error should be null if Konduit request is successful). | - |

​ In order for Konduit’s module to be completely integrated, line item Creatives need to be adjusted in GAM. Please contact support@konduit.me for assistance. ​ Standard implementation requires only Creative VAST URL update with the following URL:


Sample Code

​ We recommended using the Konduit module function call in the bidsBackHandler callback function. ​

pbjs.que.push(function() {
    konduit: {
      konduitId: your_konduit_id,
    bidsBackHandler: function(bids) {
      var winnerBid = pbjs.getHighestCpmBids('videoAd')[0];

        bid: winnerBid,
        adUnitCode: videoAdUnit[0].code,
        timeout: 1500,
        callback: function (error, bids) {
          var videoUrl = pbjs.adServers.dfp.buildVideoUrl({


​ ​

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