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  • is more than Prebid.js: Prebid.js is likely to remain our most important product, but the new website has placed Prebid SDK and Prebid Server on equal footing with it – all products are in their own areas now.

  • Updated Navigation: The top and left navigation elements have been completely revised. The goal was to have everything in the left nav, and the most commonly used pages in the top nav.

  • Adaptive: the site should look better than ever on small screens.

  • Cookie Permission: you may have noticed already that we have a ‘cookie banner’ on the bottom asking for permission to set cookies. If you don’t grant permission, some content like code examples and videos won’t be available. There’s also a new privacy policy.

  • New Content:

Coming Up:

We’d like to have your feedback about the changes and any other things you’d like to see. Email us at Here’s what’s on our list so far:

  • Search
  • Left nav for blog pages
  • Differentiate expanded arrow on left nav
  • Clean up extra space at the bottom of the home page
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