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New UI to Customize Prebid.js with Selected Adaptors


Since we introduced Prebid.js 8 months ago with only 4 adaptors, more than 15 SSPs have started contributing and maintaining their adaptors through GitHub. The number of demand adaptors Prebid.js supports has now grown to 17! (more are coming)

The average number of adaptors publishers use are between 3 to 8. It makes more sense now for publishers to choose and pick the adaptors they would like prebid.js to include.


  • Load prebid.js and header bidding ads faster, with a smaller file size of Prebid.js. For example, prebid.js with one bidder is of file size 30KB. Prebid.js with 17 adaptors is of size 80KB. Browsers can download a smaller file size faster.

  • Higher level of control: While prebid.js with all 17 adaptors gives convenience to the publisher when adding new partners, being able to choose which adaptors to include gives more control back to the publisher.

What is it:

A new UI to customize Prebid.js with the adaptor you choose:

Prebid.js Customize Download UI

How to use it:

The service is now available at Prebid Download.

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