skip to Main Content Hits 100+ Members! has hit the 100 member milestone! Within the last four years, the organization has seen tremendous growth and adoption, 154% increase in membership in the last year alone to be exact.

Our member companies are what make the Prebid organization what it is today. The support and commitment from member companies is what helps shape the organization and drive roadmap items and initiatives.

In the past twelve months our member roster has grown to truly represent a diverse group of companies working towards the continued success of Prebid. Not only did we create a buyer tier, but we also beefed up our publisher, technology and leader tiers, adding some of the most well known and biggest players in the game. We are thrilled to welcome some of the newest members that pushed us over the 100 member mark, including: Dish/Sling TV, m/Six Agency, Quantcast, Conde Nast,, and Goodway Group.

For the most recent list of members, check out our member directory.


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