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Prebid.js Real-Time Data Infrastructure is Out of Beta!

The Prebid community is proud to announce that the Prebid.js Real-Time Data infrastructure is out of beta.

This infrastructure allows vendors to build modules that connect a data source in advance of (or alongside) the Prebid auction. This data can be provided to bidders in the auction and/or the publisher’s ad server. 

How does it work?

Prebid.js now provides a Real-time data core module interface that allows developers to create ‘sub-modules’. These ‘sub-modules’ utilize that interface and add their capabilities and data.

The aim is to establish an ecosystem of different kinds of real-time data that can make auctions more effective. Publishers will benefit by being able to choose from many different vendors and control the different configuration per vendor. 

A key feature is that publishers can choose to delay the header bidding auction to allow the data provider to have enough time to fetch the data. Publishers may choose which modules to wait for.  Modules that don’t affect the bid requests can get data in tandem with the auction to be able to push results directly to their ad server.

To learn more about the real time data module and how to create a sub-module please refer to the article How to Add a Real Time Data Submodule.

The Prebid Tools Committee has been working on this infrastructure for some time based on requests raised by many publishers and bidders. We hope that this interface enables many vendors to build interesting modules. Open an issue on the Prebid.js GitHub with questions or enhancement suggestions.

There are already several modules built as Real-Time Data providers:


Prebid Tools Committee and Prebid.js Committee


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