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Meet The Current Prebid Officers

With lot’s of recent changes and activity within, we wanted to make sure the community was updated with the current personnel.


Tom Levesque recently left his role at Xandr and therefore stepped down as the Xandr board member and President of Joe Garstka (Xandr) is now serving as President through the end of the 2021 term.


Tom Kershaw recently left his role as CTO of Magnite, and therefore stepped down as the Magnite board member and Chairman of Prebid. Garrett McGrath (Magnite) is now serving as Chairman through the end of the 2021 term.


Phil Bohn (MediaVine) is serving as Treasurer and is responsible for the financial operations of

Operations Manager:

Katie Mogart is’s operations manager, handling all day-to-day responsibilities, membership processing as well as helping with the website, webinars and much more.

We have an exciting 2H21 in front of us and look forward to continuing to grow the Prebid community!


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