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Bidder Analysis on price and latency

The content on this page is from 2015 and is now obsolete.

While implementing Prebid.js’ adaptors for different bidders, we’ve noticed not all bidders return exact price to the publisher’s page. Different bidders also have vastly different response latency. We hope the analysis here can help you make smart decisions when implementing header bidding.

Bidder Price *Latency (rough estimate)
AOL Unknown Unknown
AppNexus Exact 200ms, however async calls have to be made for multiple slots
Casale Exact Unknown
Criteo Estimated 200ms
OpenX Exact 500ms
Pubmatic Exact 400ms
Rubicon Exact 400ms
Sonobi Exact Unknown
YieldBot Estimated at $1.00 increment Unknown

*Note that the above latency estimate was done in New York, US with fast Internet connection. To provide more accurate report, publishers can implement latency trackers through the prebid.js API.

Live Test

Refresh this ad
loader gif

The above ad is auctioned with Prebid.js.

  • Hover over the timeline bars to discover how long each bidder takes.
  • Ad server is set to only wait for up to 400ms. If all bidders respond faster than that, Prebid.js will load the ad server early. If not, Prebid.js will ignore bidders that took too long.
  • You may notice Javascript cannot initiate all bidder calls at once. To prevent bidders that get installed last to always have less time to respond, Prebid.js helps you keep the auction fair and rotate the order that bidders get called.
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