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Enable Deals in Prebid

Prebid is making it easier for publishers to run deals in header bidding!


  • No development change is required to enable deals! If your pages are using the standard key-values, simply upgrade to the latest prebid.js to enable deals.

  • Easy ad ops setup with a complete step by step guide. Setup deal line items in a few minutes.

How to implement it?

In order to enable deals for prebid, the ad ops setup are slightly different from the standard header bidding setup. Specifically:

  • From the ad ops side, you’ll create separate orders and line items that target the deal ID key-values. These line items will be at different priorities than your standard header bidding line items. Follow the step by step Deals Ad Ops Guide to implement.

  • From the dev side, if your page is using the standard prebid.js key-values, no change is required.

Note that the initial list of bidders that support deals are: Pubmatic, TripleLift, AppNexus, bRealTime. More bidder adaptors are implementing deals currently. If you’d like to check progress on a bidder, create a GitHub issue.

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