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Prebid.js 2.43.0 supports CCPA/US Privacy

Prebid.js 2.43.0 includes a new consent management module for supporting the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). The IAB has generalized CCPA support to cover future regulations, referring to the feature as “US Privacy.”

The module works with supported Consent Management Platforms (CMPs) to fetch an encoded string representing the user’s consent choices, making it available for adapters to consume and process.
Bidder adapters can consider making use of this additional consent data in the header bidding auction.

Prebid functionality created to address regulatory requirements does not replace each party’s responsibility to determine its own legal obligations and comply with all applicable laws.
We recommend consulting with your legal counsel before determining how to utilize these features in support of your overall privacy approach.

See the US Privacy Consent Management Module page for details and which adapters are supporting the US-Privacy parameter.

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