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The Release Of Prebid 7.0

We're extremely excited to announce we have released Prebid 7!  Prebid.js 7, like other major versions, is a collection of "breaking" changes where the publisher and module maintainers should check the release notes for any behavior changes or new configuration…

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The Release Of Professor Prebid

Today Prebid announced the release of Professor Prebid, an open source Chrome browser extension which allows for easy debugging and troubleshooting on publisher websites using Prebid.js and streamlines header bidding management.  Professor Prebid provides an intuitive interface that detects when…

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Prebid 6.0 Release

It is our pleasure to announce the upcoming release of Prebid 6.0.  Prebid 6.0 is an exciting release for Prebid.js -- it will remove IE11 browser test requirements from the project allowing the use of the latest and greatest technologies. …

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Prebid 5.0 Release

We're excited to announce the release of Prebid 5.0! This milestone is all about improving information in the bid stream. We've recently incorporated the work of the taxonomy working group and their collaboration with IAB Tech Lab's seller defined audiences…

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InMobi Joins

InMobi Joins Prebid Bringing Deep In-App Expertise to Accelerate Collaborative Mobile Initiatives.  As a firmly established in-app leader in the industry, InMobi will impart strategic counsel and engineering resources to key Prebid initiatives. Read the full press release here.  

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