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How many bidders should I work with?

While helping publishers run header bidding, we hear the same questions asked many times: How many bidders should I work with? How can I maximize revenue while maintaining a good user experience? We’ve all heard anecdotally a webpage should not…

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Bidder Analysis on price and latency

The content on this page is from 2015 and is now obsolete. While implementing Prebid.js’ adaptors for different bidders, we’ve noticed not all bidders return exact price to the publisher’s page. Different bidders also have vastly different response latency. We…

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How to reduce latency of header bidding

Why do header bidding cause latency? How to reduce it? Having seen almost all bidders’ header bidding API calls, we’ve observed the few problems listed below: Many bidders can NOT load their Javascript library asynchronously. Publishers make more money if…

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How to simplify line item setup

Let’s do the math: Per bidder per size: $0.01 increment, capped at $10 => 1000 line items 10 creative sizes 5 bidders 1000 x 10 x 5 = 50,000 line items and creatives for header bidding! How to reduce the…

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