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Prebid.js is worked on full-time by AppNexus’s tagging engineering team, as well as by many publishers using and contributing to the project. The bidder adaptors are being maintained by the bidders (Sovrn, AOL, OpenX, Yieldbot). The Github open source community is also very active in answering questions.


Submit a Github issue if:

  • You have a feature request to the code base.
  • You have found a bug in the code.


Post on Reddit (Please include the word “Prebid.js” for us to get notified) if:

  • You have adops releated questions, e.g. setting up line items and creatives.


Post on Quora (Please tag the question with “Prebid.js”) if:

  • You have high level questions, e.g. the best strategy to host unbiased header bidding auctions.


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