Max Request Per Origin
Sets the number of requests made to a specific domain. Each browser sets a limit of how many requests will be allowed to a specific domain before that domain is blocked. Prebid.js queues auctions that would cause the number of requests to a specific domain to exceed that limit. The default Prebid.js setting is a max of 4 requests per domain. maxRequestsPerOrigin enables the user to configure the Prebid.js value.

Most browsers allow at least six requests, but results may vary for your user base. Using all six requests may impact performance for users with poor internet connections.

To emulate pre version 1.x behavior and have all auctions queue (no concurrent auctions), you can set maxRequestsPerOrigin to one.
pbjs.setConfig({ maxRequestsPerOrigin: 6 });
  • maxRequestsPerOrigin: number

    Number indicating how many requests the browser can make to a specific domain.

Response Description
{ response: example }
  • param1: string

    String indicating some value that has to be passed as a string type.

  • param2: number

    Number indicating some value that has to be passed as a number type.

    Note: This number should be between 0 and infinity.