Get Ad Server Targeting
Returns all ad server targeting for all ad units. Note that some bidder’s response may not have been received if you call this function too quickly after the requests are sent.
The targeting keys can be configured in ad server targeting. When deals are enabled, the object returned by this method may include a field hb_deal_BIDDERCODE, where BIDDERCODE is replaced by the name of the bidder, e.g., AppNexus, Rubicon, etc.
  • debug: boolean

    Boolean to indicate if debugging is turned on or off.

    Accepted Values
    Parm Description
    Random There is no order to the bidders. This is the default setting.
  • Object: object

    Returns an object containing a map of adUnitCodes and targeting values.

Response Example

  "/9968336/header-bid-tag-0": {
    "hb_bidder": "rubicon",
    "hb_adid": "13f44b0d3c",
    "hb_pb": "1.50"
  "/9968336/header-bid-tag-1": {
    "hb_bidder": "openx",
    "hb_adid": "147ac541a",
    "hb_pb": "1.00"
  "/9968336/header-bid-tag-2": {
    "hb_bidder": "appnexus",
    "hb_adid": "147ac541a",
    "hb_pb": "2.50",
    "hb_deal_appnexus": "ABC_123"