Parameter Type Description Example
bidder String The bidder code. Used by ad server’s line items to identify bidders rubicon
adId String The unique identifier of a bid creative. It’s used by the line item’s creative as in this example. 123
width Integer The width of the returned creative size. 300
height Integer The height of the returned creative size. 500
size String String representing the width and height of the returned creative. 300x500
cpm Float The exact bid price from the bidder. 1.50
pbLg,pbMg,pbHg,pbAg,pbDg,pbCg String CPM quantized to a granularity: Low (pbLg), Medium (pbMg), High (pbHg), Auto (pbAg), Dense (pbDg), and Custom (pbCg). “5.00”
currency String The currency of the returned bid. USD
netRevenue Boolean True if bid is Net, False if Gross. true
requestTimestamp Integer The time stamp, in milliseconds, when the bid request is sent out. 1444844944106
responseTimestamp Integer The time stamp, in milliseconds, when the bid response is returned. 14448476955432
timeToRespond Integer The amount of time, in milliseconds, for the bidder to respond with the bid. 79
adUnitCode String adUnitCode to get the bid responses for. “/9968336/header-bid-tag-0”
creativeId String Bidder-specific creative ID. 1234567
mediaType String (Optional) If the bid is associated with a Deal, this field contains the deal ID.. banner
dealId String One of: banner, native, video. ABC_123
adserverTargeting Object Contains all the adserver targeting parameters. { "hb_bidder": "appnexus", "hb_adid": "7a53a9d3" }
adserverTargeting Object Contains native key value pairs. { "title": "", "body": "" }
status String Status of the bid. Possible values: targetingSet, rendered "targetingSet"
statusMessage String The bid’s status message “Bid returned empty or error response” or “Bid available”.
ttl String How long (in seconds) this bid is considered valid. See this FAQ entry for more info. 300