Alias Bidder
Defining an alias can help avoid user confusion since it’s possible to send parameters to the same adapter but in different contexts (e.g, The publisher uses "appnexus" for demand and also uses "newAlias" which is an SSP partner that uses the "appnexus" adapter to serve their own unique demand).

It’s not technically necessary to define an alias, since each copy of an adapter with the same name gets a different ID in the internal bidder registry so Prebid.js can still tell them apart.

pbjs.aliasBidder('appnexus', 'newAlias');
If you define an alias and are using pbjs.sendAllBids, you must also set up additional line items in the ad server with keyword targeting that matches the name of the alias.
  • hb_pb_newalias
  • hb_adid_newalias
  • hb_size_newalias
  • hb_deal_newalias
  • aliasBidder accepts two arguments.

    Accepted Values
    Attribute Type Description
    adapter String The name of the adapter to create the alias for.
    alias String The name of the alias.
Response Description
{ response: example }
  • param1: string

    String indicating some value that has to be passed as a string type.

  • param2: number

    Number indicating some value that has to be passed as a number type.

    Note: This number should be between 0 and infinity.