Prebid API is a RESTful API that primarily utilizes the HTTP method GET to retrieve resources. The resources are returned as JSON-encoded responses. The API also enables users to create a custom configuration of Prebid.js to provide more specificity in bid requests and enable debugging and troubleshooting.
Prebid API format
The API format provides a brief description of each method, followed by a code example. If the method requires arguments or returns a response there will be a listing of parameters and possibly a code example. For example:

Bidder Order
The order in which bidders are called.
pbjs.setConfig({ bidderSequence: "fixed" })   /* default is "random" */
  • bidderSequence: string

    String indicating the bidder sequence type.

    Accepted Values
    Value Description
    fixed Order defined in adUnit.bids array on page
    random There is no order to the bidders. This is the default setting.