Prebid.js Releases

Not every Prebid.js release contains noteworthy core features, and the GitHub releases page can be hard to search for when a given change or bugfix was made.

The table below is a summary of feature changes and important bug fixes in core Prebid.js.

Release Feature
2.18 Currency Module: always adding originalCpm and originalCurrency to bid object
2.17 Ability to limit the size of keys sent to ad server via targeting controls
2.16 User ID module refactored to support external sub-modules
2.10 User ID module
2.10 A bidder which responded in time is now considered a timely bidder, even if it responded with no bids. See PR 3696
2.9 Add ‘hb_cache_host’ targeting for video bids when cache is set to support upcoming video cache redirector
2.9 remove removeRequestId logic. See PR 3698
2.8 Added s2sConfig syncUrlModifier option to modify userSync URLs
2.8 Add hb_uuid and hb_cache_id back to dfp module after having been removed in 2.7
2.6 Update auction algorithm logic for long-form. See PR 3625
2.6 In case Prebid.js is called from within an iFrame, matchMedia is applied to, not the containing iFrame.
2.5 Fix event firing on native click. See PR 3589
2.4 Long Form video
2.4 Bug fix for hb_uuid/hb_cache_id. See PR 3568
2.3 Bug fix for Firefox for some ads that use document.write See PR 3524
2.1 Refined the bid.adId and bidRequest.bidId. See PR 3340
2.0 The limited bid caching feature now turned off by default.
1.39 The limited bid caching feature can be optionally turned off.
1.39 Bug fix in the currency module introduced with 1.37 where it wasn’t calling for the currency conversion file when defaultRates are specified.
1.37 The default location of the currency conversion file changed.
1.36 New NO_BID event makes a “no bids” response available to analytics adapters.
1.34 User-sync iframes are now inserted at the bottom of the head element, rather than at the top.
1.30 Bugfix to Auction Init events. The timestamp had been removed in 1.28 and caused issues in some Analytics Adapters.
1.27 Render outstream safeframe with prebid universal creative.

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