Adding a New Analytics Module

This document describes how to add a new Analytics module to Prebid Server.

1. Define config params

Analytics modules are enabled through the Configuration. You’ll need to define any properties in config/config.go which are required for your module.

2. Implement your module

Your new module belongs in the analytics/{moduleName} package. It should implement the PBSAnalyticsModule interface from analytics/core.go

3. Connect your Config to the Implementation

The NewPBSAnalytics function inside analytics/config/config.go instantiates Analytics modules using the app config. You’ll need to update this to recognize your new module.


The filesystem (../../analytics/filesystem) module is provided as an example. This module will log dummy messages to a file.

It can be configured with:

    filename: "path/to/file.log

Prebid Server will then write sample log messages to the file you provided.