Get Started with Prebid Server

This page has instructions for setting up Prebid Mobile with Prebid Server.

Use Prebid Server, to add more demand partners server-side to Prebid Mobile and make more money.

Prebid Server is open source!
Prebid Server is an open source project. The source code is hosted under the Prebid organization on Github.

Step 1. Register for a Prebid Server account

  • Go to the Prebid Server sign-up page and click the button to sign up.

  • Fill out the form details, including your email address.

  • When approved, you will receive an email with your assigned accountId. You will need this for configuring Prebid Mobile to use Prebid Server.

Step 2. Setup your demand partner configurations on Prebid Server

  • Go to the Prebid Server configs page and click the button to add a new demand source config.
  • Each demand source config maps to an ad unit. For every ad unit in your app, you will have to create a new demand source config.
  • Take note of the configId generated by PBS. You will use it later in your iOS or Android app’s implementation of Prebid Mobile SDK

A demand source config is a list of bidders that will participate in the auction for an ad slot written in JSON. For each JSON object in the array, a "bidder" field is required as well as a "params" object for demand source specific parameters.

Example config with AppNexus demand source:

    	"bidder": "appnexus",
    	"params": {
    	    "placementId": 13144370

Step 3. Download Prebid Mobile

Step 4. Implement Prebid Mobile on your app

By following iOS developer docs or the Android developer docs.