VideoAdUnit: AdUnit

The VideoAdUnit is a subclass of the AdUnit class. Use the VideoAdUnit object to create and configure a video outstream ad unit in your app.

Video Outstream is only supported with Google Ad Manager.



Create a new Video Outstream Ad Unit associated with a Prebid Server configuration ID and a video size.

See AdUnit for additional parameters and methods.

VideoAdUnit(configId: String, size: CGSize(width: Int, height: Int), type:Enum)


configId(String): Prebid Server configuration ID.

size(CGSize): Width and height of the video ad unit.

type:Enum: OpenRTB Placement Type.


Size of video ad unit.


width: Width of video ad unit in DIPs.

height: Height of video ad unit in DIPs.


OpenRTB Placement Type represented as an enumeration of values:

  • inBanner is transformed into OpenRTB value 2 to bid adapters
  • inArticle is transformed into OpenRTB value 3 to bid adapters
  • inFeed is transformed into OpenRTB value 4 to bid adapters

See AdUnit for additional parameters and methods.


Google Mobile Ads

Import the GoogleMobileAds from google-mobile-sdk into the UIViewController displaying the VideoAdUnit.


    var amBanner: DFPBannerView!
    var adUnit: AdUnit!

    func setupAndLoadAMBannerVAST() {




    func setupPBBannerVAST() {

        Prebid.shared.prebidServerHost = .Rubicon
        Prebid.shared.prebidServerAccountId = "accountId"

        adUnit = VideoAdUnit(configId: "configId", size: CGSize(width: 300, height: 250), type: .inBanner)

    func setupAMBannerVAST() {
        setupAMBanner(id: "/5300653/test_adunit_vast_pavliuchyk")

    func setupAMBanner(id: String) {
        amBanner = DFPBannerView(adSize: kGADAdSizeMediumRectangle)
        amBanner.adUnitID = id

    func loadBanner() {

        adUnit.fetchDemand(adObject: self.request) { [weak self] (resultCode: ResultCode) in
            print("Prebid demand fetch for DFP \(")