Global Targeting Parameters

Prebid Mobile supports the following global targeting parameters. These targeting parameters are set only once and apply to all Prebid Mobile ad units. They do not change for a given user session.

Global User Targeting

Year of Birth

You can retrieve and set the year of birth for targeting:

yob = TargetingParams.getYearOfBirth();


You can retrieve and set the following values for gender:

  • MALE
gender = TargetingParams.getGender();

Global Application Targeting

Bundle ID

Use the following code to retrieve the platform-specific bundle/package name:

bundleName = TargetingParams.getBundleName();

Pass in the platform-specific identifier - the bundle/package name - to set the bundle ID:



Retrieve and set the domain of your app with the following commands:

domain = TargetingParams.getDomain();

Store URL

Retrieve and set your app’s store URL:

storeUrl = TargetingParams.getStoreUrl();

Global GDPR Targeting

Prebid Mobile supports the IAB GDPR recommendations. For a general overview of Prebid Mobile support for GDPR, see Prebid Mobile Guide to European Ad Inventory and Providing Notice, Transparency and Choice

Enable (true) or disable (false) the ability to provide consent.

TargetingParams.setSubjectToGDPR(context, true);

Retrieve the consent string.

context = TargetingParams.getGDPRConsentString();

Enable publishers to set the consent string.

TargetingParams.setGDPRConsentString(context, "consent_string");

Prebid mobile also checks if the values are present in the SharedPreferences keys specified by the IAB. If the values are also set in these objects they will be passed in the OpenRTB request object.

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