Step by Step Line Item Setup for MoPub

This page describes step by step how to set up Prebid Mobile line items for MoPub.

Step 1. Add a line item

  • Set the Type & Priority to Non-guaranteed and 12, respectively, so the line item will compete with all other demand
  • Set the Rate to the price you want to target, for example $0.50, in the screenshot below

MoPub Line Item Setup

  • In the Advanced Targeting section, in Keywords target hb_pb:0.50

MoPub Advanced Targeting Setup

For each level of pricing granularity you need, you will have to set up one line item/creative pair.

Line items must be set up to target custom keywords that include bid price information. The bid price keywords tell you how much the buyer bid on the impression.

Step 2. Add creatives to your line item

Banner creatives must be HTML banners with the Format set to Banner that include the code shown below.

MoPub Creative Setup

The hb_cache_id variable stands for the cache id that will load the ad markup from the bid from Prebid Cache. Within each line item, for each ad unit size there should be one creative with this content.

<script type="text/javascript" src = "//"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
        admCacheID: '%%KEYWORD:hb_cache_id%%'  

Step 3. Duplicate line items

Duplicate your line items according to your price granularity setting.