Prebid.js Analytics

There are several analytics adapter plugins available to track header bidding performance for your site.

Analytics Adapter Cost Contact Version Added
Google Analytics Free up to a certain volume. See terms. Website  
AppNexus Contact vendor Website  
PulsePoint Contact vendor Website  
ShareThrough Contact vendor    
PrebidAnalytics by Roxot Paid, see pricing. Website 0.22
PubWise Free & Paid, see pricing Website 0.24
Assertive Yield (contact for adapter) Free to try (Large accounts $0.002 CPM or sampled < 10mm/m imp.) Website  
RealVu Free Website  
Vuble Contact vendor Website  
YuktaMedia Analytics Contact vendor Website 1.0.0
Kargo Analytics Contact vendor Website  
Adagio Contact vendor Website  
Livewrapped Analytics Contact vendor website  
Rivr Analytics Contact vendor website  
OpenX Contact vendor website  
LiveYield Contact vendor website  

None of these analytics options are endorsed or supported by

How it works

Each analytics provider has specific instructions for using their system, but these are the general steps:

  • Create an account with the analytics vendor and obtain the necessary IDs
  • Build Prebid.js package with the vendor’s analytics adapter
  • Load analytics JavaScript from vendor directly on the page
  • Call the pbjs.enableAnalytics() function
  • Use the vendor’s UI for reporting

This is an example call to pbjs.enableAnalytics():

pbjs.que.push(function() {
        provider: 'NAME',
        options: {

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