Show a prebid ad in an Ooyala player

This page is an example of using prebid video with a specific player. For a general guide to using video in prebid, click here.

This page contains:

  • Including the correct scripts on the page. A guide can be found here.
  • Using the Ooyala v4 player API.
  • Using Ooyala's Google IMA plugin.
  • Passing a vast tag to the Ooyala player.

Player specific notes:

  • This guide uses the V4 Ooyala player. To get the embed code for the V4 player, select New Ooyala Player (V4) Embed Code in the embed options instead of HTML Embed Code.
  • Do not select an ad set in the 'Monetize' tab. We'll control that setting on the page.

Click here to view a demo page with this example. Click Edit in JSFiddle to open the example in a new tab.

For tips and troublshooting info, see: