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This documentation covers some of the parameters that the Telaria (previously Tremor Video) exchange accepts. And is intended to be referenced by publishers using prebid 1.x. Documentation for prebid 0.x can be found under tremor

Bid Params

Please refer to the Tag Parameters section in the Telaria Console

Example Ad Unit

var adUnit = {
    "code": "video1",
    "mediaTypes": {
        "video": {
            "playerSize": [640, 480],
            "context": "instream"
    "bids": [{
        "bidder": "telaria",
        "params": {
            "supplyCode": "ssp-demo-rm6rh",
            "adCode": "ssp-!demo!-lufip",
            "videoId": "MyCoolVideo"    
            // Other params go here       

Telaria Prebid Example


  • 1 : In-Stream: Played before, during or after the streaming video content that the consumer has requested (e.g., Pre-roll, Mid-roll, Post-roll).
  • 2 : In-Banner: Exists within a web banner that leverages the banner space to deliver a video experience as opposed to another static or rich media format. The format relies on the existence of display ad inventory on the page for its delivery.
  • 3 : In-Article: Loads and plays dynamically between paragraphs of editorial content; existing as a standalone branded message.
  • 4 : In-Feed: Found in content, social, or product feeds.
  • 5 : Interstitial/Slider/Floating: Covers the entire or a portion of screen area, but is always on screen while displayed (i.e. cannot be scrolled out of view). Note that a full-screen interstitial (e.g., in mobile) can be distinguished from a floating/slider unit by the imp.instl field.


  • 1 : Streaming
  • 2 : Progressive
  • 3 : Download