Bidder Code


Send All Bids Ad Server Keys

hb_pb_tapsense hb_adid_tapsense hb_size_tapsense

bid params

Name Scope Description Example Type
ad_unit_id required The placement ID from TapSense. '5580935be4b0a4d1a4e8d2b6' string
user required The user’s IDFA '771fc655-6e4e-4bae-a4b6-751614d788b5' string
refer optional Site that ad request is originating from. 'https://tapsense.com' string
lat optional User’s latitude '47.5643' string
long optional User’s longitude '-122.151' string
price_floor optional Bid floor in dollars '0.04' string

Currently TapSense only supports banner (320x50) ad sizes for header bidding.