Bidder Memberyes
Media Typesdisplay, videoGDPR Supportyes
User IDsid5Id, pubCommonId, unifiedIdCOPPA Supportno

"Send All Bids" Ad Server Keys

These are the bidder-specific keys that would be targeted within GAM in a Send-All-Bids scenario. GAM truncates keys to 20 characters.

"Deal ID" Ad Server Key


Bid Params

Name Scope Description Example Type
channel_id required A unique 5 digit ID that is generated by the SpotX publisher platform when a channel is created '85394' string
ad_unit required Token that describes which ad unit to play: instream or outstream 'outstream' string
outstream_function optional Custom function to be used as a renderer. function(bid){console.log(bid);} function
outstream_options optional Object to set options on the renderer. See outstream_options Object {} object
secure optional Boolean identifying whether the reqeusts should be https or not (used to override the protocol if the page isn’t secure. true boolean
mimes optional List of mimetypes to allow in ad. ['application/javascript', 'video/mp4', 'video/webm'] array
ad_volume optional Value between 0 and 1 to denote the volume the ad should start at   float
price_floor optional Set the current channel price floor in real time. 10 integer
hide_skin optional Set to true to hide the spotx skin   boolean
custom optional See SpotX documentation here   object

outstream_options Object

Name Scope Description Example Type
slot required ID of element that video ad should be rendered into. 'adSlot1' string
ad_mute optional Set to true to start the ad with the volume muted. true boolean
playersize_auto_adapt optional Set to true to make video auto-adapt to the ad’s dimensions true boolean
in_iframe optional ID of iFrame element to insert EASI script tag. 'iframe1' string
custom_override optional Object of script tag attributes to override from the list here: EASI Attributes. (Note: Exclude data-spotx_ from attribute name; channel_id, vast_url, content_page_url, and ad_unit overrides are ignored.) {content_height: 300, content_width: 400} object