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Bid params

Name Scope Description Example
tagId required The tag ID from Sortable. "test-pb-leaderboard"
siteId optional Override the global Sortable site ID, see here. Please reach out to your Sortable Account Manager for more details. ""
floor optional The minumum CPM (in USD) requred to participate 0.25
keywords optional Publisher-defined key-value string pairs { "key1": "val1", "key2": "val2" }

Sortable supports the banner features described in:


The Sortable site ID should be set globally in order to improve user sync. How to do so:

   sortable: {
     siteId: ""

The Sortable adapter has the ability to initiate user-sync requests that will improve DSP user ID match rate, with the aim of generating higher bid prices. By default, Sortable sync requests are off. Setting the Sortable site ID globally as described above is required for user-sync requests.

   userSync: {
    enabledBidders: ['sortable'],
    iframeEnabled: true

Note: these configs should be combined with any other UserSync config calls, as subsequent calls to setConfig for the same attribute overwrite each other.