Bidder Code


Send All Bids Ad Server Keys

hb_pb_smartadserver hb_adid_smartadserver hb_size_smartadserver


The Smart bidder adaptor requires setup and approval from the Smart Service team. Please reach out to your account manager for more information and start using it.

bid params

Name Scope Description Example
domain required The network domain '', ''
siteId required The placement site ID 1234
pageId required The placement page ID 1234
formatId required The placement format ID 1234
target optional The keyword targeting "sport=tennis"
currency optional Override the default currency code (ISO 4217) of the ad request. (Default: "USD") "EUR"
bidfloor optional Bid floor for this placement in USD or in the currency specified by the currency parameter. (Default: 0.0) 0.42
appName optional Mobile application name Smart AdServer Preview
buId optional Mobile application bundle ID
ckId optional Unique Smart user ID 1234567890123456789