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The Rubicon Project adapter requires setup and approval from the Rubicon Project team, even for existing Rubicon Project publishers. Please reach out to your account team or for more information.

bid params

Parameter Version Scope Description Example
accountId 0.6.0 required The publisher account ID "4934"
siteId 0.6.0 required The site ID "13945"
zoneId 0.6.0 required The zone ID "23948"
sizes 0.6.0 optional Array of Rubicon Project size IDs. If not specified, the system will try to convert from bid.sizes. [15]
keywords 0.6.0 optional Array of page-specific keywords. May be referenced in Rubicon Project reports. ["travel", "tourism"]
inventory 0.6.0 optional An object defining arbitrary key-value pairs concerning the page for use in targeting. The values must be arrays. {"rating":["5-star"], "prodtype":["tech","mobile"]}
visitor 0.6.0 optional An object defining arbitrary key-value pairs concerning the visitor for use in targeting. The values must be arrays. {"ucat":["new"], "search":["iphone"]}
position 0.6.0 optional Set the page position. Valid values are “atf” and “btf”. "atf"
userId 0.6.0 optional Site-specific user ID may be reflected back in creatives for analysis. Note that userId needs to be the same for all slots. "12345abc"
floor 0.19.0 optional Sets the global floor – no bids will be made under this value. 0.50
latLong 1.10.0 optional Sets the latitude and longitude for the visitor [40.7608, 111.8910]
video 0.19.0 required for video Video targeting parameters. See the video section below. {"language": "en", "playerHeight": "360", "playerWidth": "640", "size_id": "201"}


The following video parameters are supported as of 0.19.0:

Video Parameter Scope Description Example
playerWidth required for video Video player width in pixels "playerWidth": "640"
playerHeight required for video Video player height in pixels "playerHeight": "360"
size_id required for video Integer indicating the video ad format ID:

201: Pre-Roll
202: Interstitial
203: OutStream
204: Mid-Roll
205: Post-Roll
207: Vertical Video
"size_id": "201"
language required for video Indicates the language of the content video, in ISO 639-1/alpha2. Highly recommended for successful monetization for pre-, mid-, and post-roll video ads. Not applicable for interstitial and outstream. "language": "en"
aeParams optional Optional parameter that enables overriding of pre-defined video options in account setup. Some common samples are shown below. Additional options are available by contacting your account team. optional Defines whether the user can skip the ad. Defaults to non-skippable. Set to 1 to indicate skippable. "aeParams": {"": "1"} optional If the ad is skippable, this is an integer duration (in seconds) after which the user has the option to skip the ad. Default is 0. "aeParams": {"": "15"} optional Integer indicating maximum bitrate of video ad in kbps. "aeParams": {"": "1200"} optional Integer indicating minimum bitrate of video ad in kbps. "aeParams": {"": "400"} optional Integer indicating whether the seller permits letterboxing. The default is “1”, – letterboxing is permitted. “0” indicates it is not permitted. "aeParams": {"": "1"}


The Rubicon adapter has the ability to initiate user-sync requests that will improve DSP user ID match rate, with the aim of generating higher bid prices. By default, Rubicon Project sync requests are off. To improve monetization, we recommend firing user syncs 5 seconds after the auction is complete with a call to setConfig().

   userSync: {
    enabledBidders: ['rubicon'],
    iframeEnabled: true

Note: this config should be combined with any other UserSync config calls, as subsequent calls to setConfig for the same attribute overwrite each other.


There can only be one siteId and zoneId in an AdUnit. To get bids on multiple sitesIds or zoneIds, just add more ‘rubicon’ entries in the bids array.