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hb_pb_pubmatic hb_adid_pubmatic hb_size_pubmatic

Prebid Server Note:

Before configuring the PubMatic adapter as S2S, you must reach out to the PubMatic team for approval and setup steps.

Prebid 1.0 Upgrade Note:

If you upgrading from a Prebid version prior to 1.0, please reach out to your PubMatic Customer Success Manager prior to your upgrade. Publisher accounts need new settings to function correctly with the PubMatic Prebid 1.0 adapter and your Customer Success Manager will ensure your account is setup correctly.

bid params

Name Scope Description Example Type
publisherId required Publisher ID '32572' string
adSlot required Ad Unit ID '38519891@300x250' string
pmzoneid optional Zone ID 'zone1,zone2' string
lat optional Latitude '40.712775' string
lon optional Longitude '-74.005973' string
yob optional Year of Birth '1982' string
gender optional Gender 'M' string
kadpageurl optional Overrides Page URL '' string
kadfloor optional Bid Floor '1.75' string
currency optional Bid currency 'AUD' (Value configured only in the 1st adunit will be passed on. < br/> Values if present in subsequent adunits, will be ignored.) string
dctr optional Deal Custom Targeting
(Value configured only in the 1st adunit will be passed on. < br/> Values if present in subsequent adunits, will be ignored.)
'key1=123|key2=345' string


PubMatic recommends the UserSync configuration below. Without it, the PubMatic adapter will not able to perform user syncs, which lowers match rate and reduces monetization.

For Prebid.js v1.15.0 and later:

  userSync: {
    filterSettings: {
      iframe: {
        bidders: '*',      // '*' represents all bidders
        filter: 'include'

For Prebid.js v1.14.0 and before:

   userSync: {
    iframeEnabled: true,
    enabledBidders: ['pubmatic']

Note: Combine the above the configuration with any other UserSync configuration. Multiple setConfig() calls overwrite each other and only last call for a given attribute will take effect.

video parameters

The PubMatic adapter supports video as of Prebid 1.16.0

Name Scope Description Example
video.mimes required Video MIME types ['video/mp4','video/x-flv']
video.skippable optional If ‘true’, user can skip ad true
video.minduration optional Minimum ad duration in seconds 5
video.maxduration optional Maximum ad duration in seconds 30
video.startdelay optional Start delay in seconds for pre-roll, mid-roll, or post-roll ad placements 5
video.playbackmethod optional Defines whether inventory is user-initiated or autoplay sound on/off
1: Auto-play, sound on
2: Auto-play, sound off
3: Click-to-play
4: mouse-over
video.api optional API frameworks supported
1: VPAID 1.0
2: VPAID 2.0
3: MRAID-1
5: MRAID-2
[1, 2]
video.protocols optional Supported video bid response protocols
1: VAST 1.0
2: VAST 2.0
3: VAST 3.0
4: VAST 1.0 Wrapper
5: VAST 2.0 Wrapper
6: VAST 3.0 Wrapper
[5, 6]
video.battr optional Blocked creative attributes, See OpenRTB 2.5 specification, List 5.3 for values [3, 9]
video.linearity optional Indicates if the impression is linear or nonlinear
1: Linear/In-Stream
2: Non-Linear/Overlay.
video.placement optional Video placement type. See OpenRTB 2.5 specification, List 5.9 for Values 1
video.minbitrate optional Minumim bit rate in Kbps. 50
video.maxbitrate optional Maximum bit rate in Kbps. 70

AdUnit Format for Video

var videoAdUnits = [
    code: 'test-div-video',
    mediaTypes: {
        video: {
            playerSize: [640, 480],           // required
            context: 'instream'
    bids: [{
      bidder: 'pubmatic',
      params: {
        publisherId: '32572',                     // required
        adSlot: '38519891@300x250',              // required
        video: {
          mimes: ['video/mp4','video/x-flv'],   // required
          skippable: true,                      // optional
          minduration: 5,                       // optional
          maxduration: 30,                      // optional
          startdelay: 5,                        // optional
          playbackmethod: [1,3],                // optional
          api: [ 1, 2 ],                        // optional
          protocols: [ 2, 3 ],                  // optional
          battr: [ 13, 14 ],                    // optional
          linearity: 1,                         // optional
          placement: 2,                         // optional
          minbitrate: 10,                       // optional
          maxbitrate: 10                        // optional

Configuration for video

For Video ads, prebid cache needs to be enabled for PubMatic adapter.

    cache: {
        url: ''