Prebid Server


Bidder Memberno
Media Typesdisplay, videoGDPR Supportyes
User IDsnoneCOPPA Supportno

"Send All Bids" Ad Server Keys

These are the bidder-specific keys that would be targeted within GAM in a Send-All-Bids scenario. GAM truncates keys to 20 characters.

"Deal ID" Ad Server Key


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Bid Params

Bid params are sourced from the adapter configurations set for client side. These do not need to change for Prebid Server.


To enable prebid server, set the following configuration.

    s2sConfig: {
        accountId : '12345',
        bidders : ['appnexus','pubmatic', 'rubicon'],
        defaultVendor: 'appnexus'

Configuration options

Field Type Required? Description
accountId String X Prebid Server account ID.
bidders Array[String] X List of bidder codes; must have been enabled during Prebid.js build.
defaultVendor String   Automatically includes all following options in the config with vendor’s default values. Individual properties can be overridden by including them in the config along with this setting.
enabled Boolean X Enables S2S; default: false.
endpoint String X Set the endpoint. For example:
timeout Number   Bidder timeout, in milliseconds; default: 1000.
syncEndpoint String   Configures the user-sync endpoint. Highly recommended.
adapter String   Adapter code; default: "prebidServer".
secure Integer   Override Prebid Server’s determination of whether the request needs secure assets. Set to 1 to force secure assets on the response, or 0 for non-secure assets.
adapterOptions Object   Arguments will be added to resulting OpenRTB payload to Prebid Server.


Video (Outstream): Note that currently, outstream video rendering must be configured by the publisher. In the adUnit, a renderer object must be defined, which includes a url pointing to the video rendering script, and a render function for creating the video player. See for more information.

var adUnits = [{
    code: 'div-gpt-ad-1460505748561-0',
    mediaTypes: {
        video: {
            playerSize: [640, 480],
            context: 'outstream',
            mimes: ['video/mp4']
    bids: [
            bidder: 'appnexus',
            params: {
                placementId: 13232392,
                video: {
                    skippable: true,
                    playback_method: ['auto_play_sound_off']

    renderer: {
        url: '',
        render: function (bid) {
            adResponse = {
                ad: {
                    video: {
                        content: bid.vastXml,
                        player_height: bid.playerHeight,
                        player_width: bid.playerWidth
            // push to render queue because ANOutstreamVideo may not be loaded yet.
            bid.renderer.push(() => {
                    targetId: bid.adUnitCode, // target div id to render video.
                    adResponse: adResponse