Bidder Code


Send All Bids Ad Server Keys

hb_pb_openx hb_adid_openx hb_size_openx

bid params

Name Scope Description Example
unit required OpenX ad unit ID provided by your OpenX representative. “1611023122”
delDomain required OpenX delivery domain provided by your OpenX representative. “”
customParams optional User-defined targeting key-value pairs. customParams applies to a specific unit. {key1: "v1", key2: ["v2","v3"]}
customFloor optional Minimum price in USD. customFloor applies to a specific unit. For example, use the following value to set a $1.50 floor: 1.50 1.50


Add the following code to enable user syncing. By default, Prebid.js version 0.34.0+ turns off user syncing through iframes. OpenX strongly recommends enabling user syncing through iframes. This functionality improves DSP user match rates and increases the OpenX bid rate and bid price. Be sure to call pbjs.setConfig() only once.

   userSync: {
      iframeEnabled: true