Index Exchange (Casale)

Bidder Code


Prebid Server Note:

Before configuring the Index Exchange adapter as S2S, you must reach out to the Index Exchange team for approval and setup steps.

Send All Bids Ad Server Keys:

(truncated to 20 chars due to DFP limit)

hb_pb_indexExchange hb_adid_indexExchang hb_size_indexExchang

Default Deal ID Keys:


bid params

Name Scope Description Example
id required The placement ID  
siteID required the site ID  
tier2SiteID optional    
tier3SiteID optional    

bid params: Video

Name Scope Description Example
video required Video parameters. See video params table {"siteID": 12345, "playerType":"HTML5", "protocols":[2,3,5,6], "maxduration":15}

Video params

Name Scope Description Example
siteID required Publisher site ID 12345
playerType required String representing video player type, either HTML5 or FLASH "HTML5"
protocols required Array of integers representing VAST versions supported by the player, as defined in OpenRTB 2.3 section 5.6 [2, 3, 5, 6]
maxduration required Integer representing allowable max duration of the video ad, in seconds 15
minduration optional Integer representing allowable min duration of the video ad, in seconds. Default of 0 assumed if none is specified. 5
startdelay optional Defines the start of the ad, when a string is specified then generic RTB values are used, when a number is specified then is interpreted as the number of seconds into the content video at which the ad should play. Default assumed to be preroll if none specified "preroll"
linearity optional String representing whether video ad is linear or overlay. Defaults to "linear" if not defined "linear"
mimes optional Array of strings representing player supported mime types. Overrides the supported MIME types otherwise inferred by playerType setting. ["video/mp4", "video/webm"]
allowVPAID optional Boolean defining whether player supports any version of VPAID. Which versions are supported is inferred from playerType. Defaults to false false
apiList optional Array of integers representing player supported VPAID versions, as defined in OpenRTB 2.3 section 5.6. Overrides versions inferred from playerType. [1, 2]