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Bid params

Name Scope Description Example Type
placementId required The placement ID from AppNexus. You may identify a placement using the invCode and member instead of a placement ID. '234234' string
"arbitraryKey" optional This key can be any publisher-defined string. The value (also a string) maps to a querystring segment for enhanced buy-side targeting. Multiple key-value pairs can be added as shown below. 'genre': 'rock' keyValue
invCode optional The inventory code from AppNexus. Must be used with member. 'abc123' string
member optional The member ID from AppNexus. Must be used with invCode. '12345' string
reserve optional Sets a floor price for the bid that is returned. 0.90 float

Support for publisher-defined keys

To pass in a publisher-defined key whose value maps to a querystring segment for buy-side targeting, set up your params object as shown below. For more information, see the query string targeting documentation (login required).

var adUnits = [{
    code: 'div-gpt-ad-1460505748511-01',
    sizes: [
        [300, 250],
        [300, 50]
    bids: [{
        bidder: 'appnexus',
        params: {
            placementId: '123456789',
            'playlist': '12345', // <----| Publisher-defined key-values
            'genre': 'rock'      // <----| (key and value must be strings)

Sizes set in the adUnit object will also apply to the AppNexus bid requests.

AppNexus supports the banner features described in:

Video Ads

AppNexus supports the video features described in:

Native Ads

AppNexus supports the native features described in:


AppNexus supports the multi-format ad unit features described in: