Bidder Code


Send All Bids Ad Server Keys

hb_pb_appnexus hb_adid_appnexus hb_size_appnexus

bid params

Name Scope Description Example
placementId required The placement ID from AppNexus. You may identify a placement using the invCode and member instead of a placement ID. "234234"
randomKey optional A key specified by the publisher. The value maps to a querystring segment for enhanced buy-side targeting. Multiple k-v pairs can be added. randomKey => randomVal
invCode optional The inventory code from AppNexus. Must be used with member "abc123"
member optional The member ID from AppNexus. Must be used with invCode "12345"
reserve optional Sets a floor price for the bid that is returned 0.90

(Sizes set in adUnit object will also apply to the AppNexus bid requests.)