Bidder Code


Send All Bids Ad Server Keys

hb_pb_aol hb_adid_aol hb_size_aol


This adapter allows use of both ONE by AOL: Display and ONE by AOL: Mobile platforms. In order to differentiate these sources of demand in your ad server and reporting, you may use the optional onedisplay and onemobile adapter aliases instead.

bid params

Name Scope Description Example
placement required The placement ID from AOL. "23324932"
network required The network ID from AOL. "5071.1"
alias optional The placement alias from AOL. "desktop_articlepage_something_box_300_250"
server optional The server domain name. Default is EU customers must use, and Asia customers ""
bidFloor optional Dynamic bid floor (added in Prebid 0.8.1) "0.80"