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Send All Bids Ad Server Keys

hb_pb_adhese hb_adid_adhese hb_size_adhese


The Adhese bid adapter may require an additional setup from the Adhese team, even for existing Adhese customers. Please reach out to your support team or for more information.

Bid Params

Name Scope Description Example Type
account required Adhese account name 'demo' string
location required Adhese location name '_adhese_prebid_demo_' string
format required Adhese format name 'leaderboard' string
data optional Custom target data { 'ci': [9000, 9050] } object


Adhese supports ‘iframe’ UserSync configuration only.

For Prebid.js v1.15.0 and later:

  userSync: {
    filterSettings: {
      iframe: {
        bidders: '*',      // '*' represents all bidders
        filter: 'include'

For Prebid.js v1.14.0 and before:

   userSync: {
    iframeEnabled: true,
    enabledBidders: ['adhese']

Note: Combine the above the configuration with any other UserSync configuration. Multiple setConfig() calls overwrite each other and only last call for a given attribute will take effect.